Did we mention that every pregnancy develops differently?
Still, here's what you can reasonably expect.




If you're little, prepare to get big! The smaller you are pre-pregnancy, the more you'll gain proportionally. If you're a size 1X or larger, you'll typically gain all over, or not much visibly.



If you have a narrow figure with a concave back, you'll probably gain the classic baby bump. Your biggest concern will be concentrating on how the stomach area of your clothing fits, and whether you'll have enough room to grow.



If you have a large bust or hips, you probably won't gain as much proportionally in the stomach. Instead focus on having enough room to grow on top, or in the hips. You may have to go up a number from your pre-pregnancy size to allow enough room, but verify with our measurement guide here.




How you carry won't tell you if you're having a boy or a girl, but it will dictate
which styles are best suited for your maternity wardrobe.




Think Flow, Think Low Seamless lines, or pieces that flow continuously will be both flattering and discreet if you're carrying high. (Knit Top with Split Back) Empire cuts and high-waisted skirts or belts draw attention to the bust area, so avoid these. If you really in love with the empire look, choose garments with lower cut empires (Pin Striped Top), or designs with lines below the bust that don't actually taper in the garment. (Bold Patterned Chiffon Top with Pulley) Also, look for garments that gently taper at the sides, without cutting below the bust line. (Beaded Brocade Top) This will accentuate your waistline without putting too much emphasis on your bust. Score! Adjustable garments with ties, pulls, or elastics (Ditzy Pull Through Dress) are your new best friend if you're carrying high -- you'll have the room you need as you grow, and you can customize how the piece fits, and where it tapers.



Select Soft and Slender Choose garments with soft waistlines (Top with Diagonal Seam), or those that cut below your bump (Top with French Terry Shoelace). Tops in lighter hues or delicate patterns (Lace Embroidery Top with Insets) can also provide the softness that best suits your figure. Contrast looser tops with skirts that elongate and slenderize. Dark colors and straight cuts provide visual lengthening and variance. Cool trick, huh?


Out (Classic Bump)

Go All Out! Lucky you! Your classic pregnancy figure can pull off bold patterns and prints, bright colors, and even stripes. (Circle Printed Top, Knit Top with Split Back) Tapered cuts are especially flattering, (Jumper with Adjustable Pulley), as are pieces with seamless lines. (Two Tone Diagonal Cross Dress) If you're worried about having enough room for your stomach, try something with a raglan sleeve (Wing Sleeve Top), or with no sleeve (Silk Printed Top with Lace Overlay). You won't have to worry about the shoulder drooping, so a bigger size will fit well. Materials with stretch like chiffon or jersey are also good for full stomachs, and will allow you room as you grow. (Black Dress with Chiffon Overlay)


All Over

Select Soft and Slender Center seams (Printed Blouse with Pulley) or designs with side contrasts (Bold Two Tone Top) are very slenderizing, as are straight or pencil skirts. Avoid garments that are tapered at the waist (Cotton Crunch Top) -- instead of slenderizing, they'll draw attention to the broadness of your shoulders. Soft fabrics will give you flow, (Gathered Sleeve Leaf Top), as will long lines. (A-Lined Crepe Dress). Dark colors also help elongate your figure.






Who doesn't love a dress? Dresses provide a seamless flow from top to bottom, so they look good on every figure type. Just consider where the lines will hit to determine which styles are suited to your figure and be sure they're elongating your natural lines.



If you're small, sway away! Petite figures are best suited for the babydoll style as small shoulders provide a nice contrast to the style's fuller bottom.


Pencil/Straight Skirts

The pencil is a classic for a reason! The straight lines of fitted skirts both slenderize and elongate. Something we can all appreciate, no?


Bubbles/A-line Skirts

Get in the swing of things! A-lines and bubbles provide more flow and easier mobility. Both styles look good on all figures, though the fullness does add more visual width.



Cut the cuts! Keep in mind where design lines or edges will fall on your body. Determine if the garment will cut across your stomach, just underneath it, or too far below it. If you're shorter, try tops that begin higher up, or bubbles, as you can tuck extra length underneath.